Here are some actual maps that were created using GPS Visualizer's map generator. For more information on how to construct maps like these — especially the ones in the left column, some of which required some manual organization of the input data — check out the Tutorials.

Geotagged photos on a Google Map
Botanical observations colorized and organized into interactive folders on a Google Map
Full-screen Google Map with resized & colorized markers: 10/15/06 earthquake in Hawaii
Creating a Google Map dynamically ("on the fly") from a Google Spreadsheet
Creating a Google Map dynamically from a GPX file
Explanation of the fields that can be used in Google Maps
Google Map with custom icons: Disc golf courses in Oregon (external site)
Windmills in California, colorized by power output (Google Earth)
Biking around Santa Cruz, colored by altitude
The same Santa Cruz bike tracks, but in Google Earth
Biking around Minneapolis, colored by speed
Hiking on Mount Hood
Number of respondents to a survey in Connecticut
2004 Atlantic hurricanes
Glider flight near Lake Tahoe (Google Earth screen shot)
Four balloon rides in southern Alberta
Glider flight near Bielsko-Biala, Poland
Sailing around Insel Rügen, Germany
Sailing in Denmark
Driving in Fredericton, New Brunswick

The following graphics were created by GPS Visualizer's profile generator.

Driving route from San Francisco to New York (elevation profile, colored by elevation)
Glider flight over the Andes (elevation profile, colored by speed)

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