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Draw a map from a WiFi log file

This form is optimized for creating maps from wireless ("wardriving") log files, including NetStumbler binary (.ns1) files, text summaries and logs exported from NetStumbler, and WiFiFoFum text files. If you're not trying to map wireless logs, you're probably better off with the standard version of the form instead.

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General map parameters
.ns1 & WFFF files: [help]
Width: pixels [help]     Height:  [help]
Margin: [help]     Title:  [help]
Units: [help]     Text size:  points [help]
Background map: [help]
BG map opacity: [help]  (for SVG, JPEG, or PNG maps)
Bounding box: (optional: S,W,N,E in degrees) [help]
Waypoint options
WEP point colors: [help]
Waypoint names: [help]    Waypoint descriptions:  [help]
Waypoint radius: pixels [help]   (This is ignored if "Resize" is enabled below.)
Resize points by: [help] Min. size:   Max. size: [help]
Google labels: [help]
Track options
Track names: [help]    Track descriptions:  [help]
Colorize tracks by: [help]   Min:    Max:  [help]
Drawing mode: [help]    Line width:  [help]
Connect segments: [help]
Lightness: [help]     Saturation:  [help]
Legend placement: [help]     Legend steps:  [help]
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