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Garmin Forerunner 201

Draw a map from a Garmin Forerunner/Edge track

This form is optimized for mapping Garmin Logbook/Training Center XML files (from the Forerunner 201, 205, 301, and 305 devices). If you're not trying to plot Forerunner files, you're probably better off with the standard version of the map form instead.

NOTE: You probably don't want to upload your entire exported Logbook file! It will be an ugly mess. Instead, run it through GPS Visualizer's Forerunner Splitter utility, then return here and upload only the runs you want to map.

NOTE #2: With each revision of the Training Centre software, Garmin seems to enjoy making minor changes to the XML file format that it outputs. Please let me know if files from a newer device are not working properly!

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