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Convert a Google map to a Leaflet map

If you don't want to deal with Google's API keys anymore, you can convert your existing GPS Visualizer Google Maps to Leaflet maps instead. (The only significant difference between the two is that Leaflet maps cannot use Google's background map tiles.) You can switch over in one of four ways:

1. Use this handy conversion utility

The form below takes a map that was previously created by GPS Visualizer using the Google Maps API, and changes a few lines of code to make it work with the open-source Leaflet API instead.

Upload your Google Maps HTML file here:

Or enter the map's URL:

2. Re-generate the map

If you still have the original input data, you can simply create a new map using the Leaflet map input form.

3. Make a small change to the map's code

Open your map (an HTML file) in a text editor, make the following replacements (don't worry if the old text doesn't exactly match what's listed here):


4. Change a bit more of the map's code

The more substantial changes in this section will result in a map that can be quickly changed from Google to Leaflet or back again, simply by changing one word (API = 'leaflet'). Again, open your map (an HTML file) in a text editor, and make the following replacements:


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