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Split a GPX file (or a Forerunner/Edge file)

This form takes a standard GPX file — or a workout history file from a Garmin Forerunner GPS receiver (.hst or .tcx, exported from the "Logbook" or "Training Center" software) — and splits it into individual tracks, then packs them all into a single ZIP file for you to download. It will also convert accented letters and other special characters into valid XML codes, which compensates for a bug in some versions of Garmin's software.

NOTE: With each revision of the Training Centre software, Garmin seems to enjoy making minor changes to the XML file format that it outputs. Please let me know if files from a newer device are not working properly!

Upload your GPX/XML/TCX file here:

NOTE: If you compress your file into .gz or .zip format, it will go faster, and you will be less likely to run into the upload size limit.

Save runs which don't contain trackpoints?

If you want to be able to split Logbook/TC files on your computer -- instead of having to upload them here -- you can download the command-line perl script (plain text or in a .zip file) that's behind this form. Of course, you need to have a perl interpreter installed on your machine.

After you've split up your Forerunner file, you can upload your runs to the map form or use the on-line converter to create standard GPX files.

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