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GPSBabel is a freeware program that converts GPS data from one format to another. You can download it and run it on almost any computer, but its command-line interface requires some getting used to -- so I've created this on-line gateway that lets you access a copy of gpsbabel running on Of course, you can't use this page to communicate with your GPS receiver -- and a few of GPSBabel's more advanced options (filters and custom XCSV files) aren't included.

NOTE: For many input formats -- including GPX, OziExplorer, LOC, Garmin Forerunner, Cetus GPS, IGC, and more (including some that GPSBabel can't read, like NetStumbler binary files) -- you can also convert your GPS files to plain text, GPX, or Google Earth KML with GPS Visualizer's conversion tool. GPS Visualizer's utility has these advantages: a simpler interface; the ability to add estimated elevation (via SRTM and USGS data), speed, course, slope, and/or distance fields; and CSV or tab-delimited text output which is more user-friendly than GPSBabel's. (My GPS file converter can also read human-created plain-text input files more easily than GPSBabel.)

Google Earth: To convert files to KML/KMZ for Google Earth, you might want to try GPS Visualizer's Google Earth input form, which has more options than GPSBabel.

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